It's autumn🍁 Before I knew it, the mornings and evenings would be chilly if I didn't wear long sleeves.
Are you feeling unwell?

Just the other day, I received a video from a visitor to " Ichita "♪

As the seasons change, seasonal ingredients are also sprinkled with delights unique to each season.

Conger eel, which marks the end of summer, and matsutake mushrooms, ginkgo nuts, and chestnuts are synonymous with autumn.

You can choose hot or cold soba noodles, and you can choose from soba sauce or sesame sauce for dipping sauce. This time, we added a bamboo steamer, and we were delighted to have soba noodles with two types of soba sauce and sesame sauce. The aroma and aftertaste of soba noodles and the warmth of their thoughtfulness leave a lasting and strong impression.

High in the sky, Mahi is slow autumn.

Autumn is an appetizing season where you can fully enjoy the seasonal ingredients that are unique to the season.
Please invite those who have not been in the mood to eat out under the influence of Corona and enjoy the fall of 2023 to the fullest.

How about visiting Ichita , where you can enjoy the flavors of autumn with all five senses ?