Yoroniku Yoroniku Ebisu Wagyu beef high-end yakiniku difficult to book, delicious feast

Story of "I went to YORONIKU "

I went to "Banba YORONIKU" using Gochimeshi Exclusive.

I would like to say thank you to my friend who loves cold beer and yakiniku. At this timing, the self-restraint mood has finally been solved!

In the evening when the sun is still shining, it's still sunny and happy to have a beer from 5 o'clock.

Of course, the way to cut and serve the meat varies depending on the part of the meat.

Each table has a dedicated griller, so you can not only enjoy high-quality meat with perfect grilling, but you can also leave the grilling to a professional, giving you a new taste of wagyu beef. While I was impressed and smacked my lips, I had a lot of fun talking!

I had a friend who didn't like raw meat, but he changed and arranged some of the menu. Since it was my friend's birthday (I don't have a picture), the shaved ice for dessert was decorated with fireworks.

A few days later, a friend said, "Thank you for inviting me to the high-class yakiniku the other day!"

It's a high-class Japanese beef yakiniku restaurant that you wouldn't be able to go by yourself, but it's nice to invite a friend who you don't care about and have a bit of an event-like atmosphere.

I'm happy that my friends also had a memorable summer time✨
I was able to recharge my body and mind with delicious meat!

November seats (2 seats) of such " Ban YORONIKU " will be open to the public soon.
There are also November seats (2 seats) at the sister store " Minami Aoyama Yoroniku "!

Don't miss it♪