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I discovered Instagram ✨ 210,000 likes.

Hakkoku is a place that has been visited by Taka from ONE OK ROCK and Ed Sheeran.

Filled with anticipation, I experienced the thrilling world of Hakkoku.

Located on the third floor of a multi-tenant building in Ginza. When you get off the elevator, you'll find yourself in a streamlined space that feels like you're in a different dimension. You'll be guided to the counter behind the noren curtain.

It's a tranquil space where you can practically hear the sound of spring water. There are only six seats, with the owner, Mr. Sato, facing each other at the plain wood counter.

Everything was prepared, and the menu that was waiting at our seat included 25 pieces of sushi, just as rumored.

The "tsuchi" (a small gift that acts as a business card) is presented to you in a smooth motion, and the course begins!

The balance of the tuna's neck tip , red vinegar rice, and fragrant seaweed is perfect, and goes well with sake.

Here is a summary of the course.

Clockwise from the top left: menu, clam , Japanese-style bagna cauda with fresh vegetables, whitefish milt, Mimurosugi sake , ball, hairy crab , and tip.

This is the first time I've had this crab in nigiri form, and it's a perfect match for this season . The female Matsuba crab's roe and eggs are entangled with the meat, creating a crunchy texture and rich flavor. It went extremely well with the recommended Mimurasugi unfiltered sake.

Another thing that comes to mind when you think of "Hakkoku" is the tuna. It comes in the middle of the course in fatty, otoro, and lean varieties. It's fascinating. The course had many ups and downs, and even though I'm usually a small eater, I was surprised to finish it all!

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