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"Japanese cuisine x Yakitori" " Omino Kamiyacho "

Masayoshi Omino has supported Ikegawa of the famous restaurant "Torishiki" in Meguro since it was first established. After he went independent, Omino's "Yakitori Omino" in Oshiage quickly became a popular restaurant and a Michelin-star restaurant. "Omino Kamiyacho" is a restaurant that has been opened after much anticipation and is an evolution of "Yakitori Omino".

The conditions for a delicious taste that cannot be found anywhere else are the "chicken" that is perfect for yakitori, the "charcoal" that allows for the perfect grilling, and the "skill" that the chef has painstakingly perfected. Only when all of these are in place can Omino's yakitori be created to have the flavor that embodies its value.

The Kamiyacho store offers a new style of yakitori, combining Japanese cuisine with a seasonal twist .

When I visited the other day, I was impressed by the seasonal dishes served in between, such as the winter delicacies of water chestnut and lily root, as well as the reliable yakitori. Everything was so delicate and delicious, and it warmed my heart.

The seats for February next year will be available soon!
February 9th (Fri) 2 people 19:30-22:00
February 23rd (Holiday) 2 people 19:30-22:00
Both locations also have seating available on Friday nights and on holidays!
This time, we would like to ask those who are far away to consider joining us.

* Prices have been revised from June onwards .
*Please note that the welcome drink service listed in the menu above will no longer be available for reservations made in February.

We will announce the latest information on the release of seats in our Newsletter . If you have not yet registered as a member, please do so as soon as possible.

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