Omino Kamiyacho Gochimeshi Exclusive (very difficult to book) yakitori
Sorry to keep you waiting!

" Omino Kamiyacho ," which is taking the world of yakitori by storm, is making its second appearance at Gochimeshi Exclusive!

Mr. Masayoshi Komino, the owner of the restaurant, trained for 6 years at the famous restaurant "Torishiki" in Meguro, where he carefully piles up charcoal to quickly grill the surface of the meat from a close distance while preventing the flames from rising, and seals in the meat's juices. The yakitori that shines is "no doubt".

With the motto of "I put my heart into one skewer," each one is grilled with serious competition. Date chicken from Fukushima Prefecture, which is characterized by a moderate amount of fat and a chewy texture, attracts many people.

In addition, we offer seasonal a la carte dishes between yakitori, and it can be said that it is truly "Yakitori Kappo". This restaurant takes yakitori to the next level, so please enjoy it once♪

"Omino Kamiyacho ", which appeared for the first time in the previous Gochimeshi Exclusive, was "Sold Out" as soon as the seats for October were released. As expected, it is a very difficult reservation store! We will publish the seats for November soon.

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(2022.9.2. Added)
All seats for this November are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.

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