Nikuyama Gochimeshi Exclusive (Difficult to book)
Nikuyama, the highest peak of charcoal-grilled red meat , is a must-climb for meat lovers.

A chunk of lean meat is charcoal-grilled, sliced ​​into easy-to-eat pieces, and served to customers. Therefore, it is said to have sparked the recent red meat boom.

The exceptional price of 5,000 yen for eating and 5,000 yen for drinking, and the rare whiskey that you don't think you can drink all-you-can-drink may be the secret to its high level of satisfaction and popularity.

Gochimeshi Exclusive will soon release the seats for November.
Seats for September and October are still available for purchase.

The latest seat information will be announced in the Newsletter . If you have not registered as a member yet, please do so as soon as possible.

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