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Shokudo Todaka” boasts immense popularity and a constant stream of repeat customers

It may seem a little premature, but this time, I would like to inform you about next year's <February 2023 seat>.

Shokudo Todaka is said to be fully booked two years in advance . The seats 4 months ahead are still very early. It's a precious seat with only 2 seats on Tuesday night . Do not miss it!

For those of you who don't know "Shokudo Todaka", let me introduce it.

A small space with only 8 counter seats that is packed with "delicious" and "fun". Being able to see the owner, Mr. Yuhei Todaka, making the dishes perfectly, gives a sense of unity and euphoria in a theater style overflowing with love.

Signboard menu "Sea urchin on the When you eat the boiled egg, you'll feel like you've come to the place you've always wanted to be, and your body and soul will be filled with euphoria❤︎

It sells out instantly every time. We will do our best to expand the seats in the future so that we can meet everyone's wishes. For those who haven't been able to purchase it so far, please stay tuned ✨

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(2022.10.7. postscript)
Seats for next February are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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