"Gochimeshi Exclusive" staff recommendation

Introducing "Gochimeshi" registered shops where you can buy right now! Great for gifts!

What is "Gochimeshi"?

“Gochimeshi” is a web gift service operated by our company that allows you to present a restaurant menu with a meal ticket.

Treat: https://gochi.online/

How to use Gochimeshi

We will briefly introduce how to use Gochimeshi as a gift, which is a basic way to use it.

Also, when purchasing a gift ticket, you can send a message along with a message card of your choice.

* For the gift card design of “Gochimeshi”, some of the works of artists registered with [Circle of Art] operated by the Disabled Art Association are used.

Tickets can be used for 6 months after purchase (ticket display counts 180 days).

* There is no service to secure seats for the gochimeshi. Please make a reservation by yourself.

Gochimeshi usage guide: https://gochi.online/specials/guide1

Recommended store

HISAYA [Tokyo]

Maison Landemaine (Tokyo)

Tempura Miyashiro [Tokyo]

Sushi Onikai +1 (Tasuichi) [Tokyo]

Sohonke Sarashina Horii Azabu Juban Main Store [Tokyo]

Bistro Chick Azabu Juban [Tokyo]

Mion [Tokyo]

Juban Ukyo [Tokyo]

bills Ginza [Tokyo]