Children's Meal Crowdfunding Campfire

This time, we would like to ask for your cooperation from all those who are registered with Gochimeshi Exclusive.

Currently, Gochimeshi Exclusive is supporting and cooperating with the crowdfunding campaign for "Kodomo Gochimeshi."

One of the rewards for the crowdfunding campaign is " Let's go to Shokudo Todaka with Nao !", where you can meet Naoyuki Honda at Shokudo Todaka, a restaurant that is immensely popular on our service.

Honda Naoyuki is known as a "traveling foodie" who has visited 200 cities in 60 countries while living a dual life based in Tokyo and Hawaii, and has written 75 books with cumulative sales of over 3 million copies, and is constantly providing the latest information on food and lifestyle. This time, "Shokudo Todaka" agreed with our purpose and prepared a special seat for us.

"Kodomo Gochimeshi" is a measure to support child poverty, eating alone, and experience disparity, by allowing children to eat at existing restaurants with just a smartphone. It provides a system that makes children and parents smile naturally, without being noticed by others, with smart movements. There are many other rewards. We would appreciate your support for the crowdfunding of "Kodomo Gochimeshi" on this occasion.

"Let's go to "Todaka Shokudo" with Nao-san!"
The right to dine with food legend Naoyuki Honda.
Limited to 7 people, come and enjoy a deep and fun time with Honda!

・Meal costs will be borne by project participants. ・Alcohol will be served, so the event is only available to people aged 20 and over. ・Date and time: May 24th, 13:00 - lunchtime

◆Reward content ・The right to have a meal with food legend Naoyuki Honda ・Reports (including activity reports, event reports, and comments from children/users) will be sent to you ・Your name will be published on the official website of the NPO Kids Future Passport for one year *Only for those who request it