Sushi Sho Sushi Finished Mackerel Sushi

"Sushi master"

At Gochimeshi Exclusive, you can enjoy the same course at lunch as at night.

A confrontation with a single counter. A style that offers bite- sized nigiri and snacks alternately. There is also a pairing of sake and drinks, and it is a moment that forgets that it is lunch.

The courses are ever-evolving, from Edo - style white meat to light fish, aged fatty tuna, and of course, the signature “ohagi” mixed with pickled radish and beaten.

Minami Aoyama Yoroniku Yakiniku Aoyama Yoroniku Delicious

"Minami Aoyama Yoroniku"

You can enjoy a <course meal> including rare parts and special parts with a drink. Please choose what you like from the drink menu on the day.

It is said that he has redefined the new way of eating yakiniku, such as changing the cooking temperature depending on the meat, wrapping it in a bite of rice, mixing it with egg yolk, and devising ways to further sublimate the taste of the meat. increase.

In addition, in the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant, staff who are familiar with meat carefully grill each piece of meat for you.