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TACUBO : Japan's leading wood-fired Italian restaurant

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the restaurant is the open fireplace. Chef Takubo never leaves the fireplace for a moment .

It is said that when red meat is grilled over a fire, the surface is lightly grilled without becoming hard, and the moisture inside is not lost. Therefore, even if you cut the meat right after it is grilled, the juices do not come out. This wood-grilled meat is the main course of the meal.

Even aside from wood-firing, he has an outstanding aesthetic sense for discerning the quality of ingredients!
The olives served first were so delicious...I was amazed.
It also pairs perfectly with sparkling wine.

My appetite and anticipation are rising!

The classic appetizers include Caprese with a transparent sheet of tomato on top, and cold Capellini topped with caviar. They are always innovative and perfectly prepared, so you will never get tired of them .

After that, we were served pasta, typical of Italian cuisine, fresh lettuce that acts as a palate cleanser, the main meat, and dessert, all in a flawless and delicate course.

A fascinating Italian restaurant filled with unforgettable impressions and a charm that will make you want to keep coming back .

Please enjoy a delicious moment♡

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Here is the seating information for March.
March 6, 2023 2 people from 16:00
March 10th, 2023, 2 people, starting at 16:00
This platinum seat is available for only two groups of four people. Be sure to apply early!

*The course content has changed since March.
Private room for 2 people / Short course (2 hours) / Sparkling, white and red wine and souvenir included

*If you place an additional order at the store, please make a separate payment.

* You can only purchase seats once for the same month.

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