We are approaching the season when the temperature is getting higher and higher. Is there any change? How about making a reservation for delicious sushi after the summer when physical strength and appetite tend to decline?

I think that it will heal the tiredness of summer.

We will soon inform you of the new seats (for October) at Gochimeshi Exclusive's famous Edomae sushi restaurant "Sushisho ".

Sushi Sho Norimaki Colorful Edomae Sushi Sushi Tokyo Yotsuya

Seats for July, August, and September in the summer sold out immediately, so we have prepared seats for October, a little later.

The latest seat information will be announced in the Newsletter .

At Gochimeshi Exclusive, you can enjoy the same nigiri course as at night for lunch.

A confrontation with a single counter. A style that offers bite-sized nigiri and snacks alternately. There is also a pairing of sake and drinks, and it is a moment that forgets that it is lunch.

The courses are ever-evolving, from Edo-style white meat to light fish, aged fatty tuna, and of course, the signature “ohagi” mixed with pickled radish and beaten.


With Gochimeshi Exclusive, you don't have to call to make a reservation, you're guaranteed a seat. If the schedule is suitable, you can make a reservation immediately.

Click here to make a reservation

(2022.6.13 postscript)
All seats for this October are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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