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Tabelog Fukuoka Prefecture Yakiniku Section No. 1 " Yakiniku Sudo Haruyoshi "

Yakiniku Sudo, the predecessor of Yakiniku Sudo Haruyoshi , was founded in Kumamoto in 2013.
The word spread among foodies who heard about it, and it quickly became a popular restaurant, and in 2016 it finally made its way to Fukuoka, where it is currently ranked number one in the Fukuoka Prefecture Yakiniku category on Tabelog.

The restaurant mainly serves carefully selected Kyushu-produced Kuroge Wagyu beef, and is fully attended by staff known as "grill masters" who cut, season and heat every part of the meat according to the ingredients, allowing you to enjoy it at its climax. The meat is grilled to perfection right in front of the customers.

We will be releasing our August and September slots soon.
August 15th (Tue) 2 people 18:00~20:00
September 19th (Tue) 2 people 18:00~20:00
If you have a business trip to Fukuoka or have the opportunity to catch up with old friends, please feel free to use our services.
You can also send it as a gift to friends living in Fukuoka, even if you are from outside the prefecture.

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