Ginza Shinohara Gochimeshi Exclusive Reservation-hard-to-book restaurant Reservation service
From his hometown of Shiga to the whole country. The cutting edge of Japan's best "country cuisine"

Ginza Shinohara opened in Ginza in 2016. It quickly became number one in Japan across all categories and all stores on Tabelog, and its name became known throughout the country.

While still adhering to classical techniques, Chef Shinohara also takes on various new challenges, always wanting his customers to have fun. Perhaps because of this desire, the restaurant is always a warm and welcoming space, filled with laughter from staff and customers alike.

Please come and enjoy the seasonal flavors of Japan at Ginza Shinohara .

This time, we would like to inform you of our seating options for February next year.
With Gochimeshi Exclusive, you can reserve your seat one month earlier than general reservations are accepted.
February 27th, 2024, for 2 people, starting at 20:30 ---We have 2 seats available for you out of the 11 platinum seats at the counter✨

*Prices have been revised from May .

We will provide the latest information on seats in our Newsletter . If you have not yet registered as a member, please do so as soon as possible.

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