Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023 star acquisition " LATURE "

The selection of "Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023" was announced on November 15th last week . Congrats on earning a Michelin star this year !

Double Green Star awarded to restaurants that practice sustainable gastronomy✨Congratulations !

Refined French cuisine that is based on classical techniques, but also has a brilliant sense of creativity and taste. In today's society, which is evolving and becoming more convenient every day, it reminds us that everything we eat is a blessing from nature.

The service of the whole team is excellent, the explanation of the dishes is polite, it is comfortable, and it is recommended for anniversary use and gifts ♡ Of course you can use it yourself. It is a heartwarming shop that will make you want to go there all the time, depending on the season.

The seats for December will be released. The latest seat information will be announced in the Newsletter . If you have not registered as a member yet, please do so as soon as possible.

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