"A parade of carefully selected materials from all over the country, no, from all over the world!

While taking advantage of the goodness of the ingredients, you can further upgrade by cooking and combining. ”

TACUBO is the restaurant that received this kind of impression .

Overwhelming deliciousness. From appetizers to dolce, you can enjoy delicate course meals without any gaps.

We will inform you about the new seats (for August) soon.
Materials that change with the seasons. What kind of menu will appear in August? I'm looking forward to it!

The latest seat information will be announced in the Newsletter .

*Please note that there will be some changes to the meal and set drink menu. We have 3 types of wine (sparkling, white, red) . The price has been revised accordingly.

*Please pay separately for additional orders such as drinks at the store.

* Seats for the same month can be purchased up to once.



With Gochimeshi Exclusive, you don't have to call to make a reservation, you're guaranteed a seat.
If the schedule is suitable, you can make a reservation immediately.

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(2022.6.9. Added)
All seats for this August are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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