Lively hospitality at the counter at " Hitsuji SUNRISE "

Domestically produced lamb accounts for less than 1% of the total amount distributed.
Have you ever tasted it?
It's so delicious that you'll close your eyes and groan!
(In fact, that was the case for the person sitting next to me when the video above was being filmed.)

At Hitsuji SUNRISE, friendly staff who are experts on sheep will explain the different types of lamb and carefully grill them for you. Taking into consideration the part, cut and characteristics of the meat, you can enjoy rare lamb in its most delicious state.

The classic Yukhoe has been added to the new menu! It has evolved into a refreshing dish with a citrus flavor.
Cold noodles were also added♪ It was a perfect summer course.

Seasonal vegetables and mushrooms grilled in lamb fat are also included. It's a dish that will make you want to drink alcohol.
If you order Gochimeshi Exclusive, your course meal will also come with three drinks (per person)!

Hitsuji SUNRISE is a restaurant where you can feel the love for sheep, and where you can not only enjoy the food but also the wonderful hospitality that will fill your heart and recharge your energy.

September slots will be announced soon.
All seats are available from Saturday evening onwards.

① September 9th (Sat) 2 people 17:00-19:00
② September 9th (Sat) 2 people 19:30-21:30
③ September 23rd (Sat) 2 people 17:00-19:00
④ September 23rd (Sat) 2 people 19:30-21:30


We will inform you of the latest information on seats in our Newsletter . Please check the Newsletter as soon as you receive it.

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