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Well, this time, it is information about the seats of " Minami Aoyama Yoroniku " in September .
Seats for August are still available for purchase.

We received this kind of feedback (p1 / p.2 ) from a customer who used our affiliated store " BAYORONIKU ".

If you've been there before, you'll want to come back again, and it's a charming shop that you'll want to give as a gift♪

It is said that Yoroniku has redefined the new way of eating yakiniku, such as changing the cooking temperature depending on the meat, wrapping it in a bite of rice, and mixing it with egg yolk. Please be assured that the staff who are familiar with the meat will grill each and every one of them with great care.

A restaurant that expands the possibilities of wagyu beef, changes the concept of yakiniku, and attracts top chefs from all over the world.

We are planning to release Saturday evening seats that are easy to go with family and friends. Please check it♪

In addition, we will inform you of the latest information on future seats in the Newsletter . If you have not registered as a member yet, please do so as soon as possible.

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