Omino, Kamiyacho Yakitori, a restaurant with difficult reservations, a popular gochimeshi exclusive

"Omino Kamiyacho ", which is taking the world of yakitori by storm, is finally here at Gochimeshi Exclusive! !

“Yakitori Omino” is challenging a new style of “Yakitori x Japanese cuisine” that adds a sense of the season to yakitori.

As a famous yakitori restaurant, " Torishiki " has been awarded a Michelin star and made the yakitori genre known all over the world .

Mr. Masayoshi Komino, who has supported Mr. Ikegawa of "Torishiki" since its establishment. "Omino Kamiyacho" is a further evolution of "Yakitori Omino", which he became independent and quickly became popular.

The charcoal is carefully piled up for 6 years at "Torishiki", and the surface is quickly baked at a close distance while preventing the flames from rising. . With the motto of "I put my heart into one skewer," each one is grilled with serious competition. Date chicken from Fukushima Prefecture, which is characterized by a moderate amount of fat and a chewy texture, attracts many people.


All the staff at Exclusive feel the joy of being able to introduce such a valuable seat. Don't miss this opportunity! Please use it.

(2022.8.2. Added)
All seats for this October are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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