Ginza Yamanobe Edo Chinese cuisine Michelin star Edo Chinese cuisine where fresh surprises and ingredients come together

A new store will open at Gochimeshi Exclusive on February 1, 2024!

The famous chef, Jin Yamanobe,
Introducing " Ginza Yamanobe ".
This Chinese restaurant has been awarded one Michelin star for five consecutive years.

Edo is a place where carefully selected luxurious ingredients from all over Japan are gathered, and here, seasonal ingredients are used to create Chinese cuisine.
Each dish expresses the four seasons of Japan, and the course menu offers a fresh surprise and an encounter with new ingredients. Come experience the deliciousness of Japanese Chinese cuisine all year round.

We have specially reserved seats at Ginza Yamanobe for April and May 2024 for all Gochimeshi Exclusive guests!

Seats will be released tomorrow, February 2nd.

"Seating Information"

Date and time: April 29th, 2 people at counter 18:00
May 23rd Private room 2-4 people 18:00

Purchase price: ¥66,550 ( per person)
・Price includes meal cost, service charge and reservation fee.
Any additional drinks or food will be at the customer's expense.

We will provide the latest information on seating at each store in our Newsletter . If you have not yet registered as a member, please do so as soon as possible.

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