Ginza Shinohara Japanese cuisine 2 Michelin stars

Ginza Shinohara is an evolved Japanese restaurant. Not only is it delicious, it's also extremely comfortable. Hospitality is also a masterpiece! It is the best restaurant in Japan for all genres/stores in Tabelog. Why don't you experience the world by all means?


From my hometown Shiga to the whole country.
The cutting edge of Japan's best "country cuisine" that has evolved

"Japanese Cuisine Shinohara" was opened in his hometown of Konan City, Shiga Prefecture at the young age of 26 by the owner Takemasa Shinohara. Surrounded only by rice fields and houses... Despite its location, it has become a famous restaurant that is flooded with reservations from all over the country. In 2016, "Shinohara" expanded to Ginza and opened "Ginza Shinohara". Since its opening in Ginza, it has quickly become the number one restaurant in all Tabelog genres and stores in Japan, and its name has become known nationwide.
Chef Takemasa Shinohara, who was born and raised in Shiga, has a motto of preserving the taste of his own, and even after moving to Ginza, he continues to serve customers with what he calls "country cuisine." Ingredients that have been carefully selected with free ideas, but skillful techniques that fit within the framework of Japanese cuisine. In addition, there are many dishes that you can enjoy the whole season, and the beauty of "hassun" (a luxurious dish with several kinds of seasonal seafood from the sea and mountains served on a wooden tray with a size of about 24 cm), which can be called the face of the restaurant. The beauty is spectacular.

While adhering to classical techniques, he always tries to challenge himself and always wants customers to have fun. Perhaps because of the chef's desire, the interior of the store is always filled with laughter from both employees and customers. .