Have you ever tried domestic lamb,mutton and hogget ?

At Hitsuji SUNRISE , we want you to taste the true taste of Jingisukan, raw food, and even the final dish, just like you would on your table, as if you were on a tabletop adventure with sheep.


Hitsuji SUNRISE (Sunrise) is a specialty store opened by owner Haruhito Sekizawa to spread the splendor of mutton and lamb dishes to the world. It is said that less than 1% of all domestically produced sheep are distributed in Japan, which means that there are very few Japanese people who have had the experience of eating truly fresh sheep meat. At Hitsuji SUNRISE, we purchase a variety of whole sheep, such as lamb (under 12 months old), mutton (over 1 year old), and hogget (1-2 years old). We offer it to everyone in the cooking method. From Genghis Khan, of course, to raw food and finishing, it's just like a "adventure over sheep" that you can taste at the table. During cooking, Mr. Sekizawa and all the staff will talk about the history and trivia of sheep food, and there are also many natural wines and liquors that go well with lamb meat, which will further deepen the taste and enjoyment of the dishes. Mutton dishes are still unfamiliar to Japanese people. Hitsuji SUNRISE is a shop that changes that common sense.