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Sushi Takumi 's signature nigiri course includes a drink!

The combination of flavors and alcohol served at the lively counter, and hospitality that pursues the ultimate goal of "how to eat sushi in a relaxed and stress-free manner." Enjoy a luxurious moment to your heart's content while experiencing the sophistication of Edomae cuisine.

Sushi Takumi always sells out quickly after releasing its seats , and we will soon be announcing new seats for October.
The course also includes a drink pairing fee.

October 4th 2 people from 11:30
This time, we are only accepting one group. If you have plans for these dates, don't miss out!

We will provide the latest information on seating in our Newsletter . As this is a popular restaurant that always sells out, please check the Newsletter as soon as you receive it.

(Added June 6, 2023)
All seats for October have been sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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