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Sushi Takumi 's signature nigiri course includes a drink!

Sushi Takumi captivates even sushi connoisseurs, who say, "Katsumata Keita's appetizers and nigiri sushi are the best!"
When you eat these snacks, your face will light up and the sake will taste even better.

In this season of fresh greenery, what kind of handicrafts will they use to serve seasonal fish to you?
Enjoy seasonal food and alcohol, and enjoy life. Relaxing and feeling satisfied is an important time to think, "I'll do my best again tomorrow!"

We will be announcing new seating for May soon.

-------------------① May 10th 2023, 2 people, from 11:30② May 10th 2023, 2 people, from 11:30----------------This is a Platinum seat for only 2 groups of 4 people on the same day.

At Gochimeshi Exclusive, you can enjoy Sushi Takumi 's signature nigiri course, which is usually only available in the evening, at lunchtime. The course also includes a drink pairing fee.

We will inform you of the latest information on seats in our newsletter . It is a popular restaurant that always sells out, so please check the newsletter as soon as you receive it.

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