Yakitori x Japanese cuisine " Omino Kamiyacho "

Masayoshi Omino has supported Ikegawa-san, the legendary yakitori chef of "Torishiki" since the restaurant's establishment. After he went independent, he transformed "Yakitori Omino", which quickly became a popular restaurant and earned one Michelin star, into " Omino Kamiyacho ".

The yakitori, made with a dense pile of charcoal that Tori Shiki has trained for six years, is a surefire hit. The surface is crispy while the meat inside remains soft. It's a mystery how they manage to skewer the soft-boiled yolk of a quail's egg and grill the surface.

A leisurely and luxurious time spent enjoying yakitori and Japanese cuisine, also known as yakitori kappo .
The deliciousness of the dessert at the end of the meal has also been highly praised by female customers. The video is a winter experience video from last week's visit.

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