Gochimeshi Exclusive Sushi Sho (hard-to-reserve restaurant)

Sushisho , a famous Edomae sushi restaurant, is located in a corner of the city center, just a few minutes on foot from Yotsuya Station.

"Tsumami and nigiri are served alternately," "red vinegar and rice vinegar rice vinegar are used differently for each ingredient," and "modern sushi makes full use of aging techniques," etc. Nowadays, the number of restaurants that imitate is increasing. In fact, you can enjoy the ever-evolving Edomae sushi that is original to this restaurant.

Not to mention the sushi that is the main dish, the soup also brings out the original flavor of the ingredients, and is surprisingly delicious.

At Gochimeshi Exclusive, you can enjoy the nigiri course, which is usually only served at night, at lunchtime.

"Sushi Sho ", which sells out quickly every month, will soon announce new seats (for November).

The latest seat information will be announced in the Newsletter .

With Gochimeshi Exclusive, you don't have to call to make a reservation, you're guaranteed a seat. If the schedule is suitable, you can make a reservation immediately.

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(2022.7.20. Added)
All seats for this November are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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