Summer performance! Don't you feel like summer fatigue?
Red meat is perfect to feed the spirit.

Is there anyone who has the opportunity to become a swimsuit?
High-quality protein will also help you burn fat.

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Seats for August and September are now available for purchase.
Invite your meat-loving friends to Nikuyama, the pinnacle of charcoal-grilled red meat , and enjoy a lively evening.

Don't miss this opportunity!

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A chunk of lean meat is charcoal-grilled, sliced ​​into easy-to-eat pieces, and served to customers. It is even said to have sparked the recent red meat boom. It quickly became a very popular restaurant after its opening, and for the next 10 years it has been loved as a difficult-to-reserve restaurant. Offering rare whiskeys that you can't imagine as all-you-can-drink may be the secret to its high satisfaction and popularity.