Ominokamiyacho Gochimeshi Exclusive Yakitori Reservation site Reservation service Reservation difficult store A famous restaurant in Oshiage is coming to Kamiyacho " Omino Kamiyacho "

The owner of "Omino Kamiyacho", Mr. Masayoshi Omino, has supported Mr. Ikegawa of the famous Meguro restaurant "Torishiki" since its establishment. After he became independent, he evolved the popular "Yakitori Omino" into " Omino Kamiyacho ".

Torishiki has trained for six years and has carefully stacked the charcoal to make the yakitori. The surface is quickly grilled at close range to prevent flames from rising, sealing in the juices. This technique is what makes the yakitori so delicious.

Last time, we released a video of a customer's experience. You can see that Mr. Komino is grilling each skewer with his motto of "putting his soul into each skewer." If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out here !

This time we are offering seating for February next year. The seats are for Thursday and Friday nights.
You can still purchase seats for January now. Click here to make a reservation.

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