Shichubo Isamu Gochimeshi Exclusive difficult-to-reserve restaurant reservation service reservation site A course meal that changes every time you visit `` Watashibo Isamu ''

" Wataricho Isamu " is located in a corner of Shirokane, Tokyo.
Two days ago, "Watarichubo Isamu" and its sister store "Azabu Isamu" held a collaboration event with "the deck" near Shizuoka Station✨

If you live in the Shizuoka area, have you experienced encountering delicious Chinese food?
For those of you who missed it, here at Shirokane, you can enjoy the passionate and fascinating dishes made by Mr. Hara in a relaxed atmosphere!

It is no exaggeration to say that Chinese cuisine is the most visited place by top chefs of various genres, which is not visible in restaurant guides such as Michelin.
Yakisoba with thin noodles at the end is indescribably delicious and unforgettable, and I want to eat it every day.

Please enjoy the immersive counter Chinese at least once♪

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