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Ginza Shinohara , a very popular shop that always sells out

This time, it is a guide to the seats in March next year.
Around that time, it will be the season to feel the arrival of spring🌸 I'm excited to see what kind of dishes will be served as seasonal ingredients.

Since opening in Ginza in 2016, In no time at all, it became a very popular restaurant, and it became very difficult to get a reservation. It is a famous restaurant with two Michelin stars .

The seats are platinum seats because it is a small shop with only 11 counter seats.

A skillful technique that incorporates ingredients carefully selected with free ideas into the framework of Japanese cuisine. The beauty of the variety of dishes that allow you to enjoy the whole season, and the beauty of the "hassun" (a luxurious dish with several types of seasonal seafood from the sea and mountains served on a wooden tray with a size of about 24 cm) that can be said to be the face of the restaurant. It's a masterpiece.

Not only is it beautiful, but each item is also carefully crafted, and each item is very popular with sake lovers as it can be used as a knob for the finest sake.
Please enjoy the beautiful and fascinating dishes that will accelerate the consumption of sake .

With Gochimeshi Exclusive, you can reserve seats one month earlier than general reservations. Don't miss this precious opportunity.

A few months of feeling longing for the promise of the future a little ahead and falling in love. I'm looking forward to that period.

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(2022.11.10. Added)
The seats for this March are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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