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Nikuyama was opened in 2012 by Mr. Mitsuyama himself, 10 years after the owner Mr. Hideaki Mitsuyama opened Horumon Sakaba Shochuya "Wa" in Kichijoji in 2002.

It quickly became a very popular restaurant after its opening, and for the next 10 years it has been loved as a difficult-to-reserve restaurant.

Kichijoji's very popular "Nikuyama" is also appearing in the hometown tax in Musashino City, Tokyo! Musashino City's popularity ranking is proudly ranked first ☆彡 If you are interested, please check it out.
[Kichijoji] Meat mountain meal ticket for 2 people Omakase course

Gochimeshi Exclusive will announce the seats for February next year soon☆

As the seats were sold out in January last time, we have prepared seats for 4 groups (8 seats) this time as well. It may be a long way off, but if the schedule is right, make sure to book early!

The latest seat information will be announced in the Newsletter . If you have not registered as a member yet, please do so as soon as possible.

*Prices have been revised.

(2022.11.9. postscript)
Seats for this February are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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