Ginza Shinohara Gochimeshi Exclusive (extremely difficult to book) All genres of Tabelog / All stores are the best in Japan " Ginza Shinohara "

"Japanese Cuisine Shinohara" was opened in his hometown of Konan City, Shiga Prefecture at the young age of 26 by the owner Takemasa Shinohara. Surrounded only by rice fields and houses... Despite its location, it has become a famous restaurant that is flooded with reservations from all over the country.

" Japanese Cuisine Shinohara" opened in Ginza in 2016 as " Ginza Shinohara ". Since its opening in Ginza, it has quickly become the number one restaurant in all Tabelog genres and stores in Japan, and its name has become known nationwide.

The store is always filled with laughter from both employees and customers. .

It's a popular store that is instantly "Sold Out" every time♡ Seats for January next year will be released soon♪ How about starting your New Year's Eve with a visit to "Ginza Shinohara"? Do not miss it!

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(2022.9.16. Added)
Seats for January 2023 have been sold out. Thank you for your purchase.

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