Nikuyama Gochimeshi Exclusive (Kichijoji), a restaurant that is extremely difficult to book
Nikuyama , the pinnacle of charcoal-grilled red meat

Needless to say, it is a well-known Nikuyama , but here is a little introduction to its history.
The owner, Mr. Hideaki Mitsuyama , opened the shop so that he could stand in the shop himself. It happened in 2012, exactly 10 years after the opening of Horumon Sakaba Shochuya “Wa” in Kichijoji in 2002. At that time, it started with only 6 seats a day, 4 days a week from Monday to Thursday. Ten years later, Nikuyama is still popular, and is now open on weekends as well!

A chunk of lean meat is charcoal-grilled, sliced ​​into easy-to-eat pieces, and served to customers. Therefore, it is said to have sparked the recent red meat boom.

It quickly became a very popular restaurant after its opening, and for the next 10 years it has been loved as a difficult-to-reserve restaurant.

Gochimeshi Exclusive will announce the seats for December soon☆
Seats for October and November are still available for purchase now♪
I'm sure many things have happened in this year. If you notice it, it's a few months to leave 2022 years.
At Nikuyama , the pinnacle of charcoal-grilled red meat, it may be a little early, but how about talking with your friends and family over delicious meat and sake, looking back on 2022, and working together? Uka

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