Yakiniku Sudo Haruyoshi Gochimeshi Exclusive Fukuoka (extremely difficult to book)

Yakiniku Sudo Haruyoshi ” won first place in the Tabelog Fukuoka Yakiniku category

Yakiniku Sudo”, the predecessor of “Yakiniku Sudo Haruyoshi ”, was born in Kumamoto in 2013.

When foodies heard the rumor, it spread all at once, and it suddenly became one of the most popular restaurants, and in 2016, it opened in Fukuoka. Currently, it has climbed to the top of the Tabelog Fukuoka Yakiniku section.

The owner, Mr. Etsuo Sudo, worked at the famous yakiniku restaurant "Kunimoto" in Tokyo. Focusing on Kyushu-produced Japanese black cows that he carefully selects, the staff called "Yakishi" who will enjoy the climax of every part of the beef by cutting, seasoning, and grilling according to the material is full attendance. Perfectly cooked right in front of your eyes. Although it is a yakiniku restaurant, it also features a stylish interior space.

Please enjoy a full course of yakiniku that will fill your heart and stomach with meat once!

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