The French restaurant " LATURE " will change your image of gibier cuisine once you visit.
With the chef's original ideas and ideas, you can enjoy everything from amuse bouche to main dishes and the final dessert. You can feel the passion and love of the chef for "ingredients" in the special course that interweaves seasonal ingredients. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a wonderful time at "LATURE".

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The store name "LATURE" means "drops of nature". They mainly use ingredients that have been raised as untouched as possible, such as pasture-raised beef, wild plants, wild grasses, and wild mushrooms. A genius of Gibier cuisine who also hunts himself. The best part is the technique to finish the wild meat optimally, which is not the same as one. Earned a Michelin star just one year and three months after opening. A Green Star has also been awarded to restaurants that practice sustainable gastronomy. (46 restaurants in Japan) An elegant French cuisine that is based on classical techniques, but with a sparkle of creativity and taste. Your heart may be hunted by the inquisitiveness of ingredients, the deliciousness, and the passionate dishes.

The service of the whole team is excellent, the explanation of the dishes is polite, it is comfortable, and it is recommended for anniversary use and gifts. Of course you can use it yourself. It is a heartwarming shop that will make you want to go there all the time, depending on the season.