Sola Fukuoka Michelin Chef Yoshitake Winning Star Gochimeshi Exclusive

Congratulations to Chef Yoshitake✨

According to a survey conducted the other day by Japan's largest chef competition "RED U-35 (RYORININ's EMERGING DREAM U-35)" (*2) to discover young talents of the new era...
Chef Hiroki Yoshitake of " Restaurant Sola " was selected as the 3rd place among the [ 47 people that the next generation of chefs should aim for ]! !

All the Gochimeshi Exclusive staff are impressed and motivated!

Chef Hiroki Yoshitake, born in 1980. After graduating from Nakamura Cooking School in Fukuoka, he joined French restaurant "La Rochelle" in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. Experience flavors from around the world while traveling around the world and visiting over 40 countries.
In 2009, he went to France and trained at "Astrance", which is said to be the most difficult to get a reservation among the three-star restaurants in Paris. In November 2010, he opened the restaurant "SOLA" in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, and in 2012, he was awarded one star in the Michelin Guide in Paris.
In addition, the 2014 "RED U-35" Grand Prix winner. After that, in December 2018, he opened “ Restaurant Sola ” in Hakata, Fukuoka, and won one star in the “Michelin Guide Fukuoka/Saga/Nagasaki 2019 Special Edition”.

Set up a shop in the terminal building of Hakata Port, with an ocean view overlooking Fukuoka.
Please enjoy the culinary world of Chef Hiroki Yoshitake!

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*1 The price has been revised from this September seat.

*2 RED U-35 (RYORININ's EMERGING DREAM U-35) is a new generation of chefs (creators) with new values ​​who have dreams and ambitions. From a completely different point of view than the other cooking contests, this is a chef competition held with the full power of the Japanese food industry.