Hakkoku Gochimeshi Exclusive (Difficult to book)
Hakkoku is a famous sushi restaurant located in Ginza, the world's most competitive sushi district .
"Hakkoku " , which means black and white, is said to have been named from the desire to create together with the craftsmen who work together.

"Tsukesaki" is made by wrapping the base of the head, which can only be removed from a single tuna, with red vinegar rice and seaweed from Ariake. Aroma, taste, texture, everything is in perfect balance. One with a strong taste that is different from toro and nakaochi. This is the start of the "Hakkoku" world that will grab your heart from here.

Each part of tuna in the best condition, which is carefully selected every day, appears in the middle, followed by high-quality seafood that has been carefully prepared.

"Hakkoku", which appeared for the first time in the previous Gochimeshi Exclusive, was "Sold Out" in just a few minutes after the September seats were released! As expected, it is a very difficult reservation store! We will announce the seats for October soon.

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After working as a serviceman at Global Dining, the owner of the restaurant , Hiroyuki Sato made a fresh start at the age of 25 and entered the world of sushi. Showcasing his skills at "Sushi Tokami", mastering the tuna, and with his unique vinegared rice using red vinegar, "Sushi Tokami" was awarded one star in the "Michelin Guide Tokyo 2014" in just one year. After that, he became independent in 2018 and opened his own shop “Hakkoku”.

(2022.8.5. Added)
All seats for this October are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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