TACUBO Gochimeshi Exclusive Italian White Truffle Course
<Seasonal> Introducing the white truffle course!

TACUBO , an Italian restaurant in Daikanyama, will offer a seasonal white truffle course that is different from usual in November and December.

A white truffle course unique to this season that makes you feel autumn. Taking advantage of the aroma and taste of white truffle, the taste of carefully selected ingredients is further enhanced. It is a hearty dish that does not disappoint any dish. Please enjoy it once!

Click here for special occasions such as anniversaries Please spend an elegant time surrounded by the scent of truffles at "TACUBO"♪

*Prices have been revised due to changes in course content.

*Please pay separately for additional orders such as drinks at the store.

* Seats for the same month can be purchased up to once.

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