Tonkatsu Narizo Hard-to-reserve cheese mille-feuille cutlet deep-fried delicious

We will guide you to the seats of " Tonkatsu Naruzo " that continues to fascinate your tongue with that white tonkatsu. It used to be said that you would have to wait in line for more than two hours to get a seat, but with "Gochimeshi Exclusive" you can enter the store right at the reservation time!

This time, we have two seats available on May 3rd and 4th.

Until now, everyone who feels that coming to the store at 17:30 on weekdays is difficult!
This time it is a public holiday of "Constitution Memorial Day" and "Greenery Day" during Golden Week.

Why don't you try to stretch your legs a little in search of delicious food?
Tickets for May 3rd will go on sale today, and tickets for May 4th will go on sale tomorrow, April 20th.


In addition, we will inform you of the latest information on future seats in the Newsletter . If you have not registered as a member yet, please do so as soon as possible.

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