Ikubo Shirogane Chinese Chef's Table Gochimeshi Michelin Starred Restaurant

I used Gochimeshi Exclusive to go to Isamu Isamu.

I was very happy to be able to take this opportunity to take a senior who had been talking about "I want to go to kitchen Isamu" for several years and hadn't been able to make a reservation .

It was an amazing night with a lot of great food.
There was also a new discovery in the pairing wine, and it was engraved in my heart.

The content of the course was undulating and some peaks were felt.

Shichibo Isamu Abalone Steak Liver Sauce Delicious Chinese Cuisine Michelin

First mountain, abalone. A whole live abalone is served as a steak, and the sauce is dark green. It is made from abalone liver. Abalone has a unique springy texture and flavor that deepens the more you chew, and the rich liver sauce that accompanies it is rich in flavor. It was excellent. As much as refills!

Shikitou Isamu Gochimeshi Michelin Chinese Wine Yellow Wine Pairing

For such a rich dish, the recommended wine is the yellow wine " 2015 Vin Jaune L'Etoile " produced in the gastronomic region of Jura . Along with the deep scent of sherry-like barrels, perfect acidity and rich minerals create a finish that beautifully disappears as if the richness of the liver is entwined from the mouth.

It was great!

Oh yeah, even though I ordered a glass of wine, they opened a new bottle and I was nervous, but I read your expression and said, "It's okay! The price is also adjusted according to the type of wine. Please rest assured." God response.

Hearing those words, I was so moved that I had Shaoxing wine and red wine.

I love Chinese food. Of course, the Shaoxing wine that was served was perfectly delicious, but it was an eye-opening night that it went so well with wine.

At Shikitou Isamu, the course content changes depending on the season and the number of visits.

Therefore, I was very interested in the dishes that were served to the regular customers sitting next to the counter. I want to visit again soon.

Lastly, he said, "I couldn't make a reservation because I couldn't come to the store, but it's nice to be able to get a seat at Gochimeshi Exclusive without having to call me!"

From the next time, I want my senior to buy it! ! I prayed in my heart.

We will soon release the seats for November of such " Wataricho Isamu ".
Don't miss it♪


(2022.9.12. Added)
All seats for this November are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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