Hakkoku, Ginza Sushi Gochimeshi Exclusive (very difficult to book)
Ginza's well-known restaurant " Hakkoku "

If you get off the elevator of a certain building in Ginza, the stylish space "Hakkoku" should invite you to another world.
The clean, single-handed sushi served in a minimalist and sophisticated space is exceptional.

Not to mention the nigiri sushi, we also have a few dishes of daily vegetables that are wonderful as a palate refresher. Vegetables are also a dish that takes advantage of the goodness of the ingredients and takes care of them. As a chopstick rest, both quality and quantity are perfect. The undulating story from start to finish is sure to captivate your customers.

At the end of the course is the “tama” called creme brulee. After the crispy texture, the taste of the egg that spreads out is deep yet light, and you will be numb until the end. Please use it as a gift for your friends who are health care professionals or as a gift with your friends who are not at ease with you.

"Hakkoku" in Ginza, which will be "Sold Out" soon after releasing the seats every month, will soon release the seats in November ♪ Don't miss it!

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(2022.9.8. Added)
All seats for this November are sold out. Thank you for your purchase.
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