Shokudo Todaka Gochimeshi Exclusive - A very difficult restaurant to book - Gotanda - Reservation site
"Shokudo Todaka " is immensely popular and has a constant stream of repeat customers.

A restaurant packed with delicious food and playful fun.
After appearing in the final episode of the TV drama "The Solitary Gourmet Season 6," the restaurant's popularity spread nationwide, making it difficult to make reservations.

We have specially reserved seats for June 2023 for all Gochimeshi Exclusive customers!

"Seating Information"
Date and time: Saturday, June 10, 2023 2 seats 20:30
Purchase price: 30,800 yen (for 2 people)
*Prices have been revised from January 2023.

(Note) Prices include drinks, service charge and reservation fee.
Any additional drinks or food will be at the customer's expense.

Reservations for Shokudo Todaka are extremely popular, so seats will be sold by lottery this time.

Winners will be able to purchase the above seats ( 1 pair/2 seats).

If you would like to visit "Shokudo Todaka", please fill out the necessary information on the lottery application form and submit it by April 10th .

Only one application per person is allowed. The latest information will be posted in the Newsletter . If you have not yet registered as a member, please do so as soon as possible.

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