Restaurant Sola Gochimeshi Exclusive (Fukuoka, Hakata) - Very difficult to book
A French restaurant in the terminal building of Hakata Port " Restaurant Sola "

The ocean view overlooking Fukuoka has a romantic atmosphere. A restaurant I would like to visit once

Chef Hiroki Yoshitake, who started his career at La Rochelle, is a genius chef who opened the restaurant "Sola" in November 2010 in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, France, and earned a Michelin star in just over a year.

Before that, you also had a shop in Singapore!

Continuing to take on challenges overseas and continue to evolve Chef Hiroki Yoshitake.
The other day, according to a questionnaire conducted by Japan's largest chef competition "RED U-35 (RYORININ's EMERGING DREAM U-35)" (*) to discover young talents of the new era...
Chef Hiroki Yoshitake of " Restaurant Sola " was selected as the 3rd place among the [ 47 people that the next generation of chefs should aim for ]! !

Becoming an aspiration and goal for the next generation of chefs Chef Hiroki Yoshitake. The lively dishes served from the open kitchen have dignity and a cheerfulness that you can enjoy without straining your shoulders, so it can be said that it is a restaurant suitable for anniversaries.
You can also see the latest art-like dishes and the atmosphere of the shop on Instagram here ☆

Please experience the culinary world of Chef Hiroki Yoshitake!

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* RED U-35 (RYORININ's EMERGING DREAM U-35) is a new generation of chefs (creators) with new values ​​and dreams and ambitions. From a completely different point of view than a cooking contest, this is a chef competition that is held with the full strength of the Japanese food industry.