Is there someone you want to say "thank you" to?

How about trying to convey your thoughts at an exciting restaurant?

December soon. It's early, and it's been about 1 months left for 2022 years.
How about going to the Gochimeshi Exclusive restaurant to say "thank you" to those who haven't been able to see you for a long time due to the corona crisis or who have been indebted to you over the past year?

This is an introduction to the well-known restaurant `` Sheep SUNRISE '' , which continues to convey the wonders of mutton and is full of love for sheep.

It is a shop where you can recharge your energy with not only the taste but also the wonderful hospitality that fills your heart. ( *Seats for 12/24 are sold out.)

We also introduce this summer's " Adventure over sheep ". The starry sky is beautiful✨

“Hitsuji SUNRISE” owner: Haruto Sekizawa “ TACUBO ” owner: Daisuke Takubo “No Code” owner : Fumio Yonezawa “ méli méloowner : Daisuke Sato

Our company president Imai also joined there, and we inspected the current situation and issues of sheep farms in Hokkaido with a strong team . After that, the "4 chefs and 4 shepherds" project started. At the campfire, it was a great success and sold out in no time.

Sheep Missionary: Mr. Haruto, who is also active as a Rambassador . Their passion for sheep was even featured on TBS's "Sakaue & Sashihara's Unbreakable Shop"♪

Mutton carefully raised in the vast Hokkaido. We would appreciate it if you could eat deliciously and contribute to the support of domestic sheep farms.

The latest information on seats will be announced in the Newsletter . Click here to make a reservation