This is the Toranomon Yokocho branch of "Todaka," which is delicious, fun and delightful!

Sorry for the wait! We will soon be announcing the March seating options for " Toranomon Todaka ."
Friday, March 10th 17:00 ~ 2 seats
-------There are only two precious seats available, so they are likely to sell out quickly, so please check the Newsletter as soon as you receive it.

The course includes 12 original dishes and desserts, along with as much alcohol as you like, for 15,000 yen (13,000 yen for non-alcoholic drinks).

The final course includes a total of six dishes, including the classic "Beef Rice" and "Toda Curry", which go beyond the original Toda. The contents change depending on the season, but you can also have a little bit of everything, even if you want.

The overwhelming hospitality is inherited from Mr. Todaka. Please come and enjoy the excitement of "Shokudo Todaka" in Toranomon.

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(Added on January 11, 2023)
All seats for this March session have been sold out. Thank you for your purchase.

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