Hakkoku Gochimeshi Exclusive Ginza Sushi Reservation-hard-to-find restaurant
Enjoy soulful sushi " Hakkoku " in a tranquil space

The simple, nigiri sushi served in a minimalist, sophisticated space is exceptional.

Needless to say, the nigiri sushi is delicious, and we also offer several plates of daily vegetable dishes to cleanse your palate. The vegetables are also carefully prepared to make the most of the quality of the ingredients. As a palate cleanser, both the quality and quantity are perfect. The story with ups and downs from start to finish is sure to captivate customers.

It has been featured as one of the 39 Best Restaurants in Tokyo in the travel magazine "Condé Nast Traveler" published by a major American publisher. For more details, please click here .

February slots will be announced soon!
2/28 (Tue) 17:30~
During the above time period, we have 2 groups of 2 people available.

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