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If you want to eat lamb, which is highly nutritious and will make you healthy and beautiful, try " Sheep SUNRISE "

The name " Sheep SUNRISE " was chosen with the owner's passionate desire to bring "dawn to sheep" and "light to sheep."

Recently, the store was closed from May 13th to 15th, and all the staff went on a " sheep hunting adventure " to Hokkaido!

The real voices and current situation of today's shepherds, their particularities and the breeding process,
At Hitsuji Sunrise, our mission is to convey the shepherd's thoughts to everyone!

They sell lamb from producers you can see face to face, and you'll likely be able to hear some exciting stories about them at the counter.
The staff will carefully grill the meat right in front of you, allowing you to enjoy an amazing bite at the most delicious moment.
We will be releasing June's seating schedule soon. We have seats available from Saturday evening onwards.
-------------------①June 24th (Sat) 2 people 17:00-19:00
2) June 24th (Sat) 2 people 19:30-21:30

We will provide the latest information on seats in our Newsletter . Please check it as soon as you receive it.

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