This month, a new store will be opening at "UP COMING" !

The name is " kermistokyo ".
It is pronounced "Kermi Tokyo." "Kermis" means a traveling amusement park in Dutch.

This restaurant is tucked away in a residential area of ​​Shirokane, so quiet you could easily pass it by without noticing. Once inside, you'll find a modern, private space reminiscent of a secret hideout.

He cooks with the ingredients he encounters through his travels, from the point of view of the producers, and with a focus on valuing the life of the ingredients. He makes the most of the ingredients' potential to create highly original dishes. He also serves natural wines, carefully selected sake, and Akita craft beer.

Recommended for those who want to enjoy a luxurious stay with comfortable service.
It's sure to captivate your taste buds and your heart.

Make your reservation purchase early!
For more detailed store information, please check the store page above.

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