This time we are introducing a new store from "UP COMING" !

The name is ``AC HOUSE.''
A restaurant located in a quiet house tucked away in a back alley in Nishi-Azabu.

Opening the door, you enter an all-white, avant-garde space. Beyond the atrium leading to the second floor you can see the old house before it was renovated.

Unlike a high-class restaurant, this sophisticated space has a warm atmosphere, like being invited to a friend's home with exceptional taste. You can feel that everything has been carefully selected, from the visible setting to the intangible elements such as the music, the scent, and the friendly staff.

The course menu is so exciting that you can't help but feel excited about each and every dish. Every dish is guaranteed to be delicious. Various food cultures collide, and you'll be amazed by the new flavors.

Make your reservation purchase early!
For more detailed store information, please check the store page above.

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