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Nikuyama : The best charcoal-grilled red meat

A seat that meat lovers will envy and drool over.
It continues to be loved as a restaurant that is difficult to book, and it is said that there is currently a one-year waiting period for reservations.

Gochimeshi Exclusive will be announcing its June seating options soon!

This time we have prepared seating for 4 groups (8 seats).
-------------------① June 6th, 2 people, from 20:00② June 8th, 2 people, from 20:00③ June 20th, 2 people, from 20:00④ June 22nd, 2 people, from 20:00--------------------

You can now reserve your seats for April and May. First come, first served.
Come enjoy a great time with your friends and family over delicious meat and drinks at Nikuyama , the pinnacle of charcoal-grilled red meat.

We will provide the latest information on seats in our Newsletter . If you have not yet registered as a member, please do so as soon as possible.

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